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Yes, you read the title right. This situation can only be described as a scene out of a cheesy horror movie screened by the likes of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark or perhaps your local cable access network during a Halloween marathon. This scene, however, was no cinematic monstrosity at all but a real life scenario.

Greenoaks Funeral Home is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As if Louisiana wasn’t already a hot spot for all things spooky and paranormal, blood was found leaking from a septic tank on the grounds of the establishment where it then oozed and

pooled on the road beside it like a weeping scab. City officials officially stated that the cause of the leak was due to a clog (more appropriately: a blood clot) in the line and that the blood-like substance found on the ground was, in fact, embalming fluid mixed with blood.

The tank in question only leaked for about twenty minutes but it was quickly spotted and reported by a gentleman visiting a loved one buried at their cemetery. It’s bad enough to lose a loved one, but it’s probably worse to imagine their blood going down a drain to the very same tank that is now leaking in front of you. No comments have been made on the smell.


Adam Smith from the City of Baton Rouge Department of Environmental Services stated that, “[the city] sent out both our sewer inspector and our environmental specialists to take a look.” Upon completing their investigation, Smith added, “we determined that it wasn’t a sewer issue and that it was an issue on private property.”

The clog was unclogged and the leak was fixed but

the funeral home is now under investigation. Reports say that Greenoaks recently began operating under new management, and the City ensures that they are working with the management to issue the proper permits required for functioning funeral homes.

Greenoakes, a franchise of Dignity Memorial, issued an apology for any “inconvenience.” They assured us that the leak was stopped immediately and that the affected area was cleaned and disinfected. Suffice to say, it sounded like a bloody mess!


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