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The concept of bail is fundamental in the justice system, allowing individuals accused of a crime to remain free while awaiting trial. However, not all bail situations are straightforward, especially when it comes to cases involving significant financial assets or allegations of serious crimes such as trafficking. This is where the Nebbia Hold, also known as a Nebbia Requirement, is introduced. It adds an extra layer of scrutiny to ensure the integrity of the bail process.

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What Is a Nebbia Hold?

A Nebbia Hold is a legal stipulation where the court mandates that the defendant or the person posting bail on behalf of the defendant must prove that the funds used for bail are from legitimate sources. The purpose is to prevent criminals from using proceeds of crime to secure their release from custody.

The term “Nebbia” traces back to a landmark case, United States v. Nebbia, 357 F.2d 303 (2d Cir. 1966). In this case, the court was concerned about the source of bail money provided by the defendant, leading to the establishment of procedures to scrutinize and verify the legitimacy of bail funds. Since then, Nebbia Holds have become a standard part of the bail process, especially for crimes related to narcotics, fraud, and other financially driven illegal activities.

While the terms “Nebbia Requirement” and “Nebbia Hold” are not explicitly mentioned in the 2023 Florida Statutes, their principles are integral to Florida’s bail and pretrial release laws, specifically within Title XLVII Criminal Procedure and Corrections. Sections 903.046 and 903.047 of The 2023 Florida Statutes authorize courts to scrutinize the source of bail funds to prevent the circulation of illicit funds within the bail system.


When Might a Nebbia Hold Be Applied?

Applying a Nebbia Hold is not arbitrary and usually follows specific triggers that prompt the court’s concern regarding the source of bail funds. Understanding these triggers can offer insight into the judicial reasoning behind the imposition of such holds:

  1. High Bond Amounts: When the bond set by the court is significantly high, there is an automatic trigger for scrutiny. High bond amounts naturally raise questions about the capability of the accused or their associates to legally amass such sums quickly. This does not mean every high bond will automatically result in a Nebbia Hold, but it significantly increases the likelihood of such scrutiny.
  2. Specific Charges: Certain charges are more prone to having a Nebbia Hold applied due to their nature. For instance, cases involving drug trafficking, money laundering, fraud, or other financially driven crimes are prime candidates. These charges often suggest the possibility of accumulated wealth through illegal activities, warranting a closer look at the bail funds’ origins.
  3. Past Criminal History: Individuals with a prior history related to financial crimes or those directly benefiting from criminal enterprises may face a Nebbia Hold as part of their bail conditions. The court’s rationale is that past behavior may indicate current financial practices, especially if previous convictions involved profiting from illegal activities.
  4. Complex Financial Backgrounds: If the defendant or the person posting bail on their behalf has a complex financial background that is difficult to transparently trace, this complexity may trigger a Nebbia Hold. Complex financial situations may obscure the true source of funds, prompting the court to require clear evidence of their legitimacy.
  5. Community Tips or Intelligence: Occasionally, tips from the community and intelligence gathered by law enforcement can suggest that the funds intended for use in posting bail might not be clean. Such information, when credible, can lead to a Nebbia Hold being placed to ensure due diligence is practiced in verifying the source of the bail funds.

By requiring defendants to prove the legality of their bail funds, courts aim to maintain a balance between respecting the rights of the accused and safeguarding the community’s welfare.

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Understanding Nebbia Holds in Florida

Contrary to some misconceptions, Nebbia holds remain a valid and enforceable aspect of the bail process in Florida, even as of 2024. The Florida Department of Financial Services outlines that courts may impose this condition to safeguard against the misuse of illicit gains for securing release from custody.

While Nebbia holds are authorized within Florida’s judicial system, some legal challenges have shaped their application. Cases like Casiano v. State and State v. Hernandez have scrutinized the constitutionality of such holds. These cases have emphasized the necessity for the state to demonstrate, with clear and convincing evidence, that bail funds were illegally obtained before imposing a Nebbia hold. Furthermore, defendants must be allowed to contest the state’s evidence and present their own, ensuring a fair process.

In short, Nebbia holds in Florida are not automatically applied but may be implemented at the state’s request or by court order under specific conditions.


The Nebbia Hearing Process

When a Nebbia Hold is placed on a defendant’s bail, a special hearing known as a Nebbia Hearing is scheduled. During this hearing, the defendant or the bail sponsor must provide evidence demonstrating that the bail money comes from lawful means. The evidence may include:

  1. Financial Documents: Bank statements, savings accounts, and investment records trace the source of funds to legitimate earnings.
  2. Employment Verification: Pay stubs and tax returns validate income from lawful employment.
  3. Property Documentation: Titles and deeds for real estate or vehicles prove ownership of assets that could cover bail costs.
  4. Gifts and Loans Declarations: Affidavits from friends or family that detail the nature and source of gifts or loans used for bail.
  5. Business Records: Documentation of business ownership, operational history, and revenue supports claims of legal income sources.
  6. Expert Testimonies: Financial experts may clarify complex financial situations, affirming the legality of funds.
  7. Character References: Testimonials from reputable individuals can indirectly support the defendant’s ability to legally obtain bail funds.

The Nebbia Hearing process generally involves the following steps:

  1. Notification: The defendant is informed that a Nebbia Hold has been placed on their bail.
  2. Gathering Evidence: The defendant, often with the help of an attorney, gathers evidence to prove the legitimacy of the bail funds.
  3. The Nebbia Hearing: The collected evidence is presented to the court during the hearing. Prosecutors may challenge the evidence, and the judge evaluates its credibility.
  4. Judge’s Decision: If the judge is satisfied with the evidence, the Nebbia Hold is lifted, and the bail process can proceed. If not, the hold remains, and the defendant cannot be released on bail using the questioned funds.

Sometimes, the court may require further evidence to make a definitive decision. This scenario leads to a postponement of the hearing, granting the defense additional time to gather and present supplementary documentation or testimonies. While this outcome delays the defendant’s immediate release, it provides an opportunity to strengthen the case for the legality of the bail funds.



The Nebbia Requirement plays a vital role in ensuring the bail system’s integrity by preventing illicit funds. Understanding this process and how to navigate a Nebbia Hearing successfully is crucial for defendants and their families. With the right preparation and legal assistance, overcoming a Nebbia Hold is entirely feasible, paving the way for a fair and just trial process.

If a Nebbia Hearing is ordered in your case, it’s crucial to prepare thoroughly. Collecting comprehensive documentation about the source of your bail funds is essential. Given the complexity of these hearings, consulting with an experienced attorney who understands the intricacies of Nebbia Requirements can make a significant difference in the outcome.

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