By: Catherine Crespo On: January 19, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

A man in Texas was pulled over by the cops, had his car searched and was arrested for possession of methamphetamine.. a half pound at that! The issue? 24-year-old Ross LeBeau wasn’t transporting meth. It was a half-pound of kitty litter inside of a sock! Apparently, the litter is...

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By: Catherine Crespo On: January 11, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

Last night, my roommate and I went out on the town and things got a little out of hand. She ended up being arrested and was taken to the county jail. She called me and said she can’t get a hold of her family and asked if I could...

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By: Catherine Crespo On: December 19, 2016 In: Blog Comments: 0

Timothy Knight, a man from California, has been rearrested after stealing a car so he could drive himself to court. The court hearing he was rushing off to was regarding his prior arrest… which was for suspicion of possession of a stolen car. This guy needs to look up...

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